Facility Details for Picnic Shelter 02 @ HUGH MACRAE PARK

Comments:  This medium shelter seats 50. It is located next to the playground. Restroom building is within walking distance. Has water spigot, 2 grills, Six 6ft aluminum picnic tables and two 8ft. aluminum handicap accessible tables. Seats 50. Shelter size 22ftx36ft. Has 4 outlets on 4 circuits. No inflatables, tents, or DJ's allowed at this shelter. Located near tennis courts and event lawn area.br To Reserve, click a href="wbfr0220.html?wbsi=cbcfe384-d844-7ea4-6614-3275a8d2b387&xxfacil=SHELT|HMPRK|PS02"HERE/a
S. College Road & Lake Avenue
URL:  https://parksreservations.nhcgov.com/wbwsc/webtrac.wsc/wbsplash.html?wbp=1
Max Capacity:  50
Monday Hours:  8:00A - 9:00P
Tuesday Hours:  8:00A - 9:00P
Wednesday Hours:  8:00A - 9:00P
Thursday Hours:  8:00A - 9:00P
Friday Hours:  8:00A - 9:00P
Saturday Hours:  8:00A - 9:00P
Sunday Hours:  8:00A - 9:00P
Maximum days in advance facility can be reserved: 365.
Minimum days in advance facility can be reserved: 7.
Minimum reservation length in hours: 4.